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I am continually growing as an artist but also as a conscious entity on this planet; embracing curiosity and educating myself on a variety of topics, with health, science and nature being ever present, as some of my many ongoing topics of interest.  I decided to set myself some creative briefs in response to articles or documentaries that have opened up my thirst and desire to acquire further knowledge through research.

Here are a collection of published and self initiated creative briefs for re-imagined covers/editorials, to give a sense for my visual language and ability to succinctly interpret a brief using my artistic voice and use of visual langauge.

spread 1.jpg


The Beauty Issue

I was honoured to be commissioned to create the illustrated cover for Bad Form - The Beauty Issue. 

Bad Form provdees a platform fo wrtiers of colour.  They write a lot about books - everything from book reviews, to reading lists, to opinion pieces about the publishing industry.



The female Gaze

I was approached by Space NK to create the cover for the Space NK magazine interpreting the theme "The female gaze" using my unique artistic voice and plethora of analogue media.

Delighted to have this artwork grace the cover of the Space NK magazine Inside Space.

Waitrose Health 1.jpg


Waitrose health magazine

I was commissioned to create  conceptual artwork for Waitrose Health magazine to accompany the words of Dr Mya-Rose Craig aka Bird Girl for the article 'Winging it' celebrating the power of bird watching on our well being. Click below to read the full article.

NS Moon Cover.jpg


The Moon and Sleep

Recent bouts of insomnia were eased through learning about our majestic beauty the moon and I was fascinated to learn how the lunar cycles can actually have an effect on our sleep.  I set myself this creative brief to depict my narrative 'The Moon. My friend'

Re-imagined cover for the New Scientist that have covered articles related to the moon and health.

Watercolour on paper

NS Mental Health Cover Mock.jpg


Mental health

Re-imagined cover for the New Scientist with the subject of mental health; exploring how to depict the sensitivity around mental health through my visual language.

Watercolour and Ink on paper

Breathe Cover MIND.jpg


Mental wellbeing

Re-imagined cover for Breathe magazine focussing on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Artwork created using watercolour and paper cut out collage (which in itself is a fantastic mindfulness activity, grab some paper and scissors and give it a go!)

Sunday Times Mag Gigi Puzzle.jpg



Re-imagined cover for Sunday Times Magazine with illustrated portrait of Gigi Hadid, exploring identity and layered heritage.

Watercolour and paper cut out collage.

New York Times Mag Cover Landmine.jpg


The women who clear landmines

This was my conceptual interpretation of a powerful article titled 'Making our home safe again: meet the women that clear landmines' January 2021, The Guardian.

After decades of war, more and more women are working to remove lethal mines and IEDs from the fields and cities of their homelands. It’s dangerous, but it’s helping to rebuild their lives. 

Re-imagined as cover for New York Times magazine illustrating topical news in a harmonious way.

Greenpeace Whale Diver Green.jpg


Hope and I

Inspired by Hope the blue whale skeleton at the Natural History museum, this was my submission for the Greenpeace 'Draw the oceans' challenge with the theme WHALES.

The artwork shows a diver swimming peacefully with her friend Hope the friendly whale.

Watercolour on paper.

Genomic Medicine White Bias Layers Fade.


Genomic medicine white bias

Fascinated with science and medicine, and having a vetted interest in genomic medicine due to my own underlying health issues, I wanted to create my own visual interpretation of the article titled 'Genomic medicine is deeply biased towards white people' that featured in New Scientist January 2021.

I like to depict powerful messages by reducing thingd down to their essential form and invite the viewer to interpret my artistic voice.

Watercolour on paper

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