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Not Dior's New Look III

London-based artist and illustrator Isher Dhiman is playing her part in the conversation about whether "art" and "fashion" are as mutually exclusive as we've been led to believe. The artist's reverence for the postwar Master of Fashion illustration era, the same one in which Christian Dior debuted his New Look, comes alive through a coupling of a minimal color palette and the traditional prototypal nature of fashion illustration.  

The one detail of group exhibitions that is equal parts anxiety-inducing and thrilling is not, as expected, the number of artists, whether there are three or over sixty; it’s actually the sheer quantity of dialogues their works create together. The CAMP’s latest group exhibition, Not Dior’s New Look III, isn’t simply an array of works tethered to one another by medium or aesthetic—it’s a conceptual runway. Following CAMP founder Melanie Prapopoulos’ commitment to donating a percentage of gallery sales toFashion Fights Cancer, a non-profit organization founded in 2004 that offers innovative and therapeutic programs in fashion and design, what was once a fun digital exhibition has blossomed into a conversation, and ultimately, a force for good. 


Why are you an artist?

Art is my life.  Being creative from a very early age, I always knew that it was something I just had to do.  Having a sustained curiosity that leads me to explore and develop as an artist is something that I strive for.   The day’s when I am not creating art, I feel a part of me is missing, whether it is turning my thoughts and feelings into something physical, viewing art in a gallery, observing art in nature, or listening to certain lyrics from songs.  With the rise in social media, I feel that I am able to connect and use my artistic voice even more to raise awareness and ignite curiosity in others.  I will always strive to do what I can to create art not just for art’s sake, but to ensure that it is a door to a bigger platform, to invite curiosity and thought in others for larger conversations to be had that initiate a positive response.  But ultimately Art is Life.



Artist Spotlight Series

The Spotlight, from The Contemporary Art Modern Project, offers exposure and direction to emerging artists. Shying away from unwritten rules and regulations of the gallery world, The Spotlight brings emerging artists to major art platforms instantly increasing the possibility of exposure and sales of their work. The CAMP Gang are also involved in the development of the emerging Spotlight artist, guiding them through the pathways needed to move from emerging to established, a long and often frustrating process when embarked on alone. The criteria to become a Spotlight artist is always the work, not the exhibiting history of an artist – as we believe creativity and talent should be rewarded.


Mixed media - Charcoal, Paper and acetate cutout

Isher's artwork collection was selected to feature in the Spotlight series 'Not Dior's New Look' II alongside other female artists with The Contemporary Art Modern Project, based in Miami.

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