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A collection of 10 unique NFT artworks fusing together figurative fashion and animal formation to evoke an emotional response and raise awareness of the critically endangered animals of the world.  The first series of artworks focuses on the last of the Sunda island tigers; estimated to be fewer than 400 today who are holding on for survival in the remaining patches of forest on the island of Sumatra. 

The NFT artworks celebrate the Sunda tiger as a powerful presence and an important indicator of biodiversity.

This is a 10 piece NFT artwork collection which can be bought individually or for the avid collector of unique NFT art, the whole NFT collection.  This is the first of many NFT art drops that will follow in due course.

A percentage of each NFT sold will be donated to WWF.


SmallTIGERBlue D&G SS21 Floral 2.jpg
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