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Since March 2020, when the world had other plans, the creative world took to the virtual world like a storm and I have been immersed in weekly virtual life drawing sessions, from nude life drawing right up to high end fashion couture drawing, which has allowed me experiment and develop my skills and processes immensely.  I feel so fortunate to be able to connect with creatives, art directors and models from all over the globe.  It has been such a captivating creative journey for me as I continually evolve as an artist.

The artwork here is like my virtual art journal. All work has been created live weekly during virtual drawing sessions; often with only 2-5 minutes to capture a pose, where i respond instinctively to the garment, music, model's energy...anything can spur the media response and I always have a plethora of mixed media tools at arm's length from pencil, charcoal, pastels to watercolour, inks and acrylic to capture my artistic response. For me, drawing is a must.



A selection of charcoal, watercolour and graphite artworks drawn live (online) from various life drawing sessions.

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